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Welcome to webpages of Prion Laboratory, Institute of Immunology and Microbiology, 1LF UK

The aim of this website is to inform both experts and the public about the activities of the PrionLab group (grants, publications) and to provide news and updates from the Laboratory operating within the Institute of Immunology and Microbiology of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.
zhanusova 06.11.2018

SVV and Progres joint meeting 2018


The meeting was traditionally held in Krkonoše.
zhanusova 30.07.2018

PRION2018 Conference


The meeting subtitled "Back to basics: understanding the biology of prions" was held traditionally at the end of May, this time in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
zhanusova 09.01.2018

6th Iberian Congress on Prions


The European meeting of experts in the prion field was held in Cordoba, Spain.
zhanusova 06.11.2018

SVV and Progres joint meeting 2017


We successfully followed last year's meeting.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

PRION2017 Conference


The conference entitled "Deciphering Neurodegenerative Disorders" took place at the end of May in Edinburgh, Scotland.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

12th International Congress of Cell Biology


The 12th International Congress of Cell Biology was held in Prague.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

SVV and PRVOUK joint meeting 2016


Participants' presentations were accompanied by the appearance of a foreign guest, Dr. Larisa Cervenakova.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

PRION2016 Conference


The meeting of prion theme experts took place in Tokyo, Japan.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

First case of chronic wasting disease in Europe


Experts in Norway confirmed the detection of chronic wasting disease in Europe.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

PRION2015 Conference


The international conference took place at the Colorado State University campus.
zhanusova 24.10.2017

PRION2014 Conference


We attended the international conference in Trieste, Italy.


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